Periculum Press is an independent publisher of alternative spirituality, Paganism, witchcraft, self-development, women’s empowerment, and LGBTQ+ books.

Please read and follow our guidelines or your submission will be rejected.

General Information

Periculum Press publishes non-fiction works on the subjects of alternative spirituality, Paganism, witchcraft, LGBTQ+ spirituality, self-development, women’s empowerment, and LGBTQ+ issues. We currently are also accepting submissions of occult fiction.

We do not accept submissions of genre fiction (romance, erotica, science fiction, fantasy), cookbooks, biographies, or political.

We do accept unsolicited manuscripts for full-length books from new or established authors. We are looking for unique perspectives on the subject we publish that are well-written. We especially want to hear from authors who have an existing audience such as an email list, blog, or podcast.

Do not send self-published or previously published manuscripts. We only accept short stories, essays or poems for consideration in an anthology. Please see our anthology section below.

Submission Guidelines

Your submission must include both of the following: (1) a cover letter and (2) your manuscript.

(1) Your cover letter should be formatted as shown below. To be considered it must include the title of your submission, the genre of your submission, a description, a short author bio, and how you will help to market your book. If you have an existing audience, please describe it. Authors who have an existing audience may receive preference. Your cover letter may be included in the body of your email. It should be formatted as:



[Author bio]

[Marketing section]

(2) Attach your manuscript to the email in .docx, .odt, or .pdf format. We will not accept submissions in other formats. If your attachment is over 5MB, please upload to a file sharing service and include a link in your email. Please ensure that your submission has been proofread and is in a legible font. We do not accept submissions in hardcopy or printed format.

Simultaneous Submissions

You may submit your manuscript to more than one publisher at a time. Please do not send us a forwarded submission sent to multiple publishers. If your manuscript is being considered by other publishers, please let us know.

Where to Submit

 Please send your submission to In your subject line, please include “Submission” plus the title of your work. You will receive an auto-reply acknowledging your submission. If you do not include a cover letter or follow the submission guidelines, your submission will be rejected without being read.

We are unable to respond to each submission individually. If we are interested in your work, you will hear from us within 90 days.

Submission to Anthologies


Rites of Passage: An Anthology of Queer Pagan Fiction

Coming of age as a queer person can be a difficult but exciting time. Queer people know that they’re different growing up but it’s during this coming of age that they finally connect the dots and understand what is so different about themselves. Previous generations identified heavily with labels such as gay, bi or lesbian and with various queer subcultures. The current generation has largely eschewed these labels and allowed their identities to be more fluid in terms of both sexuality and gender. 

Along similar lines, the current generation of Pagan have had ample resources available such as books and the internet. They haven’t taken the traditional road of finding a teacher or initiating into a tradition. 

This sets up a tension between the generations as the older generations attempt to gatekeep based on initiations, traditions and labels while the younger generations live more fluidly.

This anthology will explore the theme of coming of age as a queer pagan. We are also interested in exploring this difference between the generations with one generation identifying their difference through labels while the other refuses to label what makes them different.

The genre or setting of the story is less important than the exploration of the theme.

Please submit your stories of 2500 – 7500 words that have not been previously published. Simultaneous submissions are fine.

Payment will be a flat payment of $25-$75 within 30 days following publication.

To submit, please end an email to Put the title of the anthology in the subject line.

Deadline: June 30, 2022